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What does starting a business, traveling for leisure, funding one’s education, and enjoying retirement all have in common?
They all require money. According to widely researched findings, it is estimated that over 55 percent of American workers live paycheck to paycheck. Said another way, less than 1 in 2 working Americans has surplus money to invest in any financial projects.

Hi, my name is Ruth Barasa, founder of NaRfula Coaching. My business’ number one goal is to help my clients be part of the 45 percent of American workers who do not live paycheck to paycheck but instead have surplus savings to invest into their, and their loved ones’, future.

Financial-health check-ups is an area in life that many people neglect until they need finances for a project, at that point it may be too late. It is true that it may be too late for starting the financial project you hoped to start today, but NaRfula Coaching can make sure that it will not be too late to start financial projects in your future. With the right financial plan, you can be ready to take on any financial project you desire. Are you struggling to make sound and lasting financial progress in your life?

Let us help you. Contact our office and let’s work together to help you obtain financial freedom; it’s not just a dream, it’s a possibility. Start your financial coaching session today.

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