About Us

Hi, my names are Ruth Barasa, CEO and founder of NaRfula Coaching. I created my business with one goal in mind, to offer my clients accounting and financial solutions that cause them to be successfully satisfied. I do this by addressing the challenges, problems, and setbacks they face today. I am a seasoned accountant and CPA with over 21 years of hands-on accounting and financial tacit knowledge. I have experience in various industries that I acquired while serving clients in a range of accounting, managerial and C-suite roles.

Having an understanding of the importance that financial data plays in the daily business decisions my clients make, my business – NaRfula Coaching – packages our services to fit each client’s unique needs. This ensures that our clients’ and their businesses’ financial health is robust and reliable. Our accounting services include budget creation, cashflow & financial modeling, accounting consulting, accounting operations management, and more. Take advantage of financial coaching – at the individual level – is another vital service we offer!