Cash Flow Overview

The first step in growing your finances and getting out of debt is to understand what makes up your money. That includes, the money coming in (salaries, grants, gifts, etc.) and the money going out (bills, gifts, taxes, etc.)

The Cash Flow Overview service will help the client get to understand her cash make up, as well as gain an understanding of how often the cash items are moving – daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc. By understanding how often one’s cash moves, a client can build a realistic budget and make realistic financial decisions.


A well-planned out, well-thought through budget is like a good treasure map, it leads one to the treasure, or the end goal. The Budgeting service is where we partner with a client to map out a realistic approach for:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Saving for future goals
  • Learning how to manage money instead of letting it manage you
  • Understanding the ins and outs of money

Debt Reduction Steps

One major barrier to saving and growing wealth is debt. According to CNBC the average American debt in late 2021 was $90,460. What is perplexing is that according to various sources, that number continues to grow. Debt does not impact just an individual’s today; it robs that individual of a portion of her tomorrow. At NaRfula Coaching we work with our clients to help them get out of debt. We want each client to live out his tomorrow in its entirety.

The Debt Reduction Steps services examine every area of debt that a client is in and then creates realistic strategic ways of chipping away at the debt steadily.

Retirement Planning

A truth about every working individual is that retirement is in the future. Planning for retirement should commence on the first day a person enters the workforce. Unfortunately, according to the Census Bureau under fifty-nine percent (59%) of any demographic group – Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, or Gen Z – have any type of retirement account. Said differently, nearly one out of four Americans is planning for retirement. That’s alarming and concerning. Our Retirement Planning services work with our clients to plan for their retirement. As with our other services, no two clients are alike and hence, no two retirement plans are alike. We discuss various retirement options including:

  • Qualified retirement plans
  • 529 Plans for dependents
  • Life insurance policies
  • Tax-exempt bonds
  • Investing avenues:
  • H S A accounts
  • Efficient index mutual funds
  • Exchange-traded funds (EFTs)

Developing Life-Long Victories

Financial success is like a marathon or a game of chess, it grows and gets better with time and as an individual continues to master it. Our pride at NaRfula Coaching is not just seeing short-term financial successes among our clients, but seeing long-term and life-long successes.

We understand the importance of offering a service that teaches clients how to develop, and continue developing, financial victories.

We partner with our clients to help map out their individual financial journey.